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Action Base 1  is a line of plastic display stands for Gunpla kits and other mecha kits by Bandai. First introduced in 2006, an Action Base allows Gunpla kits to be displayed in aerial poses. Each Action Base comes with an arm that can be adjusted in height and angle, as well as different adapters for older Gunpla kits that do not have peg holes available. The bases are modular and can connect to other Action Bases to display multiple Gunpla kits.

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Action Base 1

Action Base 1 is designed primarily for 1/100 scale Master Grade, Reborn-One Hundred, and No-Grade Gunpla kits, but will also accommodate 1/144 scale and some SD Gundam kits. The standard design consists of one large octagon base and a small square.

In 2015, a redesigned Action Base 1, with the runner label BA-13, was introduced with the MG XXXG-01Wfr Gundam Fenice Rinascita. The new base features a sturdier construction and eliminates the need for screws. It is currently available only in select MG and NG 1/100 kits.


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