BB #312 Ryomou Dijeh & Kannei Kampfer – Lu Meng and Gan Ning


Here’s a superb set of two snap-fit plastic kits that not only offers a pair of articulated super-deformed Mobile Suits, but also three mini-pirates and a variable battleship! This set’s two star Mobile Suits are Ryomou Dijeh and Kannei Kampfer, respectively inspired by Lu Meng and Gan Ning from the Chinese literary classic “Romance of the Three Kingdoms.”

Ryomou Dijeh is armed with a pair of battle axes that can join to form a double-ended battle axe, while Kannei Kampfer is armed with a sword and also a shark-head weapon that can be combined with the sword and Kannei Kaempfer’s left shoulder armor to form a shark. The three non-articulated mini pirates included are Suigunjou Hy-Gogg (molded in brown), Suigunjou Zaku Custom (molded in green), and Suigunjou Z’Gok E (molded in yellow). The Sentoutei battleship can transform into six different modes, including personal transportation for Ryomou Dijeh and Kannei Kampfer!

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