BB #411 HuangGai Gouf & Six Combining Weapons Set B


To help celebrate the 10th anniversary of the “BB Senshi Sangokuden” lineup, here’s BB HuangGai Goufi with his Six Combining Weapons Set! YuanShao Bawoo is molded in new metallic gloss colors, and the box lid features new artwork. His weapons are all molded in metallic colors, too. Order him today!


  • HuZhaoDun
  • ZaiSuiBian
  • Scimitar of Five WuHuRen
  • Saw of Six LiuDaoJu
  • Ring of Seven QiXianLun
  • Staff of Eight BJiaoZhang
  • Armor of Eleven ShiYiHaiJia
  • Shield of Twelve ShiErTianDun

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