BB Warriors Sengokuden Koroujo Gundam Box Set B


Recreate the Battle of Koroujou from the “BB Senshi Sangokuden: Fuu’un Gouketsu Hen” with this Sengokuden Koroujo Gundam Box Set B of super-deformed characters from the series, plus papercraft backdrop and structures, as well as a double-sided base and map! Featured are Ryuubi Gundam, Kan’u Gundam, Chouhi Gundam, Sousou Gundam, Sonken Gundam, Chouryou Gelgoog, Ryofu Tallgeese, and a Toutaku foot soldier. Each figure is articulated at the neck and shoulders, and a stamped mark of each character’s country can be found on the sole of its left foot. Weapons are also included along with a one-meter-long scroll with illustrations and story in Japanese text.


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