C22 Semi Gloss Dark Earth Mr. Color 10ml Bottle


C22 Semi Gloss Dark Earth is a Mr. Color paint, suitable for hand brushing & airbrushing, with good adhesion & fast drying is one of the finest scale modeling/hobby paints available. Solvent-based acrylic, thin with Mr. Color Thinner or Mr. Color Leveling Thinner.

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MR COLOR is a paint that has long been regarded highly by modelers all over the world as a model paint that delivers an excellent finish. There are a large number of colors and color types and they are suitable for painting most models.

As for the number of times of coating,

  • 1 ~ 2 coats are recommended when brush painting
  • When using an air brush, 2 ~ 3 coats after diluting to a ratio of 1 (MR COLOR) : 1~2 (Mr. thinner).
  • Mix in 5 ~ 10% of Flat Base to make glossy colors semi glossy,
  • or 10 ~ 20% for a matte finish.


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