DSPIAE Aluminum Alloy Sanding Board Black 2 Sizes


Aluminum alloy sanding board is made of aluminum alloy and processed by forging technics. The surface has been under oxidation and sand blasting treatment which is solid and durable. During our daily modeling process, we always need to make horizontal grinding on the modeling spare parts. The sanding board plus abrasive paper are more favorable to horizontal grinding and can further reduce the grinding time.

Please read before use: The product is matched with 75 * 25MM sandpaper(sold separately). When the width of the sanding board is 10 mm or 5 mm, it can be used after simply cutting the sandpaper. It is recommended to align the sandpaper with the three sides of the sanding board first, then cut along the side where the sandpaper is more than the sanding board with a penknife. After cutting, the surface sandpaper can be cut back for the next use.
When using the small aluminum sanding board, do not use excessive force to avoid deformation due to excessive stress. When sandpaper is dry grinding, it may cause debris dust on the surface of sandpaper. If the grinding effect is affected, wash off the surface dust with water and continue grinding.

75 * 5MM *2MM 2pcs.

75 *10MM *2MM 2pcs.

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