Flex i File Flex Pad #2800 Medium Grit Sandpaper


2800 medium grit sandpaper mounted on a comfortable and flexible pad, designed for reaching the most complicated sections of your parts and achieving a uniform sanding.

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FLEX-PAD puts a “New Angle” on modeling with improved versatility and convenience! Made of flexible polyester abrasives, the padded support provides evenly distributed pressure over irregular surfaces without digging in or scratching.

Triple-Grit Polisher/Finisher cleans and polishes in 3 easy steps. Works well on most plastic, metal and painted surfaces.

  • Ideal for sanding and blending materials of dissimilar texture and hardness
  • Double Sided
  • May be used wet or dry
  • Reach into tight corners
  • Clean Up Narrow Recesses
  • Smooth delicate joints & small fillets


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