GX107 Clear Purple Mr. Color 18ml Bottle


GX107 Clear Purple features brighter color, higher foundation screening effect and stronger film than the former Mr. Color.
It may be mixed with the former Mr. Color and diluted with the conventional Mr. Color Thinner or Mr. Color Leveling Thinner.

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MR COLOR is a paint that has long been regarded highly by modelers all over the world as a model paint that delivers an excellent finish. There are a large number of colors and color types and they are suitable for painting most models.

As for the number of times of coating,

  • 1 ~ 2 coats are recommended when brush painting
  • When using an air brush, 2 ~ 3 coats after diluting to a ratio of 1 (MR COLOR) : 1~2 (Mr. thinner).
  • Mix in 5 ~ 10% of Flat Base to make glossy colors semi glossy,
  • or 10 ~ 20% for a matte finish.


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