Mr. Hobby Mr. Premium Top Coat Semi Gloss


Water-based Premium Top Coat Semi-Gloss for finishing surfaces. High-quality material is used so that the whitening phenomenon that occurs due to excess spraying is minimized to the utmost, and gloss can be eliminated while keeping the texture of color on the coated surface. It is very effective for military models as well as for skin color in figures. It is water-based, so you can use it on surfaces painted with AQUEOUS HOBBY COLOR, ACRISION COLOR, and Mr. COLOR.

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GSI Creos Mr. Hobby Mr. Premium Top Coat

Finish: Semi Gloss
Volume: 88ml (2.97oz)

The “Gloss type” has been added to the widely popular Aqueous color “Premium” series. The thickness of the resin and the transparency has been further developed, and the coating strength has been improved, so the surface will not be damaged with scratches easily.

Mr.Top Coat can be applied over slide marks(decals) without blemishes. A good way to eliminate differences between the paints and the slide marks is making the model surface smoother.

・Can be applied over Mr.Color, water-based hobby colors, and enamel paints.
・Can be used for painting that begins over slide marks.
・Using Mr.Color or Mr.Super Clear over Mr.Top Coat will cause it to dissolve.
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