One Piece Thousand Sunny New World Version


Blasting away from the shipwright’s haven of Waters 7 with a tremendous Coup De Burst flies the Thousand Sunny, the second pirate ship of the Straw Hat Pirates! The Thousand Sunny is the brainchild of the newest (at the time) Straw Hat, Franky, raised as a shipwright by the man who built the Pirate King Gol D. Roger’s ship. Franky dreamed of building a vessel like the Thousand Sunny after witnessing his mentor, Tom, create the Oro Jackson for the Roger Pirates. Franky would spend 200,000,000 beri on the rare Adam Wood to build Sunny, the same wood his mentor used to construct the Oro Jackson. The combination of Franky’s shipbuilding prowess and the strength of the Adam Wood hull makes the Thousand Sunny impervious to most conventional attacks, perfect for braving the New World! Compared to their previous ship, Going Merry, Thousand Sunny is much more offensively capable, featuring almost four times as many cannons, the Goan Cannon in the bow and the Coup de Burst at the stern. The “Over The Top” nature of Thousand Sunny’s design has captured the hearts of One Piece fans since its debut over 15 years ago, so order your copy today and channel your inner shipwright!

Included alongside the Thousand Sunny for accessories:

  • Display Base
  • Luffy Figure (Unpainted)
  • Zoro Figure (Unpainted)
  • Nami Figure (Unpainted)
  • Usopp Figure (Unpainted)
  • Sanji Figure (Unpainted)
  • Chopper Figure (Unpainted)
  • Robin Figure (Unpainted)
  • Franky Figure (Unpainted)
  • Brook Figure (Unpainted)
  • Extra Figure Base x2
  • Shiro Mokuba I
  • Mini Merry II
  • Shark Submerge III

Notable Attributes:

The Thousand Sunny New World Version is almost identical to the previously released version, only featuring updated character figures to match the crew’s post-time skip appearances. At nearly ten inches from bow to stern, there’s plenty of room for all the fun and exciting intricacies of the Thousand Sunny’s design! The Thousand Sunny even includes the three initial vehicles for the Soldier Docking System that’ll fit right onto the model’s display base. This model is not in scale with the Going Merry model, as the Thousand Sunny is almost twice the size of the Going Merry in-universe. The Thousand Sunny comes with a thorough sheet of color-correcting foil stickers for an easy finish!

This kit includes:

13 Runners total (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I1, I2, J, K, L)
Total Piece Count – 159 Pieces
Foil + Marking Stickers w/ matching Waterslides!
Materials – PS, PE
Japanese Instructions

Captain: Monkey D. Luffy
Official Name: Thousand Sunny
First Appeared: Chapter 436/ Episode 321
Affiliation: Straw Hat Pirates

Fun Fact: The Thousand Sunny’s name came from the President of Galley-La Company, Iceberg. Iceberg grew up alongside Franky as one of Tom’s apprentices.

Scale: N/A
Grade: N/A
Completed Model Length: 250mm(9.8in)
Original Release Date: Oct 2011
Designed by Eiichiro Oda

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By implementing the technique of Top Coating, you can do a great deal to help preserve the longevity of your models. This process will protect the original plastic of your model kit and prepare it for any additional modeling techniques to follow.

You can drastically improve your results by making the details pop on the Thousand Sunny with Panel Lining. The simplest solution for this is Gundam Markers or Tamiya Panel Line Fluid. Making your own panel wash is always a great option too! It is always recommended to Topcoat with clear gloss beforehand, as some of the products commonly used for Panel Lining will degrade the untreated plastics over time.

Another way to keep adding detail is by applying Stickers/Marking DecalsTop Coating before application will help decals stick to the surface much better. Using Top Coat after application will help hide the seams on traditional sticker decals as well as waterslides. This additional step will also keep them from peeling over time. Using Decals is a great way to add an even greater level of detail to your scale models.

General Safety Warning:

Suitable Age: 8+

Assembly required. Snap together, no glue needed.

Products shown in photos may have been professionally painted or computer rendered images. They may differ from the actual product.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD, Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.


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