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Pikachu, the Mouse Pokemon. There isn’t a soul on Earth who wouldn’t recognize this adorable yellow rodent as the mascot of the famous Pokemon franchise! Pikachu most notably accompanies Ash Ketchum, the protagonist of the franchise’s long-running anime, in his everlasting quest to “catch ’em all!” and complete the Pokedex. Pikachus live in small groups in forested areas throughout the Pokemon World’s many regions, feasting on foraged berries roasted with Pikachu’s electric powers. Pikachu’s can store a small amount of electricity beneath their rosy cheeks, delivering an insignificant shock to any who come in contact. Pikachus often weaponize their electric powers in the presence of danger, with the potential of summoning lightning.

Articulation –

Bandai’s adorable Pokepla rendition of Pikachu is suitable for builders of any age or skill level! This snap-fit plastic model features posable arms and ears, plus an articulated neck and tail. This model also relies on very few color-correcting stickers, only using them to create the whites of Pikachu’s eyes, his pink tongue, and his tiny black nose. The Pokemon Pikachu model is one of Bandai’s first attempts at reimagining the beloved Pokemon Franchise in posable model kit form, setting the bar very high for the next decade of Pokepla releases!

This kit includes:

2 Runners total (A1, A2)
Total Piece Count – 28 Pieces
Materials – PS

Additional Fun information

Pokedex Entry from Pokemon Yellow“It keeps its tail raised to monitor its surroundings. If you yank its tail, it will try to bite you,”

Type: Electric
Pokemon Category: Mouse Pokemon
First Seen: Generation 1
Evolution: Pichu – Pikachu – Raichu
Height: 0.4m(1.3ft)

Scale: N/A
Grade: N/A
Completed Model Height:
Original Release Date: Jul 2011

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Bandai’s line of Pokemon model kits offers a fun and exciting building experience for all ages! Even first-time builders will have no problem with the Pokemon Pikachu thanks to its reasonable piece count and easy-to-follow instructions. Additionally, the excellent price point of the Pokemon model kits makes them perfect candidates for experienced builders to try out new modeling techniques.

To drastically improve the appearance of your Pokepla, try implementing techniques such as seam line removal. Many of the early Pokemon models show some significant seam lines on visible parts, which some builders find undesirable and can lead to the separation of pieces over time. For a quick tutorial, attach the component you’d like to cement together, but leave a small but visible gap where the seam you’re trying to eliminate is. Using plastic cement such as AK’s Extra Thin Citrus Cement (which does indeed smell like citrus), run the applicator brush through the gap you created, filling it with a small amount of cement. After a few seconds, attach the parts all the way and hold while the cement works its magic. After the piece dries completely, begin sanding away at the seam and watch it disappear! It may take more than one application of cement to eliminate the seam, so try working on multiple pieces at once to increase efficiency. If you are not planning on painting the model, the seams may require additional sanding/polishing to match the texture of the bare plastic. Seam line removal is a great technique to learn, but it isn’t a perfect solution. Some of the seams are necessary for the model to articulate as intended, so find the right balance between a seamless static look and a functional model.

Be sure to finish your model with your preferred top coat to protect your hard work and give it a better feel in the hands!


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