Son Goku Dragonball Z MG Figure-rise


First in the brand new line will be none other than Son Goku from Dragon Ball franchise with astonishing number of joints and range of motion. He’s even capable of performing 180 splits and flexing biceps (his muscle really stands out when you bend his arm just so).

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An action figure you build your self, MG Figurine Son Goku combines engineering and easy to assemble model techniques from Bandai’s Gundam model lines with the playability of an action figure! Colour moulded, requiring no paint, Goku is highly detailed and even features muscle action in his biceps. Comes with different eye stickers and interchangeable facial expressions to put Goku in all sorts of iconic Dragon Ball poses. Special marking stickers also allow replication of Goku’ s different GI symbols throughout the DBZ saga. Display stand included.


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