About Us

To do this About Us section, Let’s go back shall we –

Many might not know this but Gundam Pros started inside Ninja Marshmallow.

About Us
Entrance to Ninja Marshmallow

Ninja Marshmallow was a family-owned and operated pop culture/anime/gaming store that opened in April of 2017. It was a collectible store for the ages and inside we carried gunpla, lots of gunpla. I mean not nearly as much as what Gundam Pros carried but Ninja Marshmallow had a great selection of 50-80 different kits at any given time

3 sides out of 4 and this pic doesn’t include the cardboard gundam kit stand that we also had

We had two of those racks filled front and back all the time, with shipments for gunpla coming weekly. We were always restocking those shelves with Gundam, Dragon Ball and some Starblazers kits. The gunpla community inside Ninja was amazing and always growing to leaps beyond what Ninja could handle. Meaning we were always asked about more kits, tools and paints(which at the time Ninja didn’t quite have the space for). I was always telling the community that someday I will get gundam off these racks and onto a wall in the store.

Wall of Funko

Then the day was almost there as I ripped apart the funko wall and put them away. This was going to be the spot for all that gunpla, but as I was moving product rumors started to swirl about the space next door and how that store may be leaving soon. So in my head I put everything on hold and put something else in that spot instead of the model kits. My brain was telling me to go bigger. So I contacted the leasing rep to get some info on the store that was potentially leaving.

Inside the space of what was soon to be Gundam Pros

With confirmed news that they would be leaving soon I asked about the space right away as I knew that would be the new home for all things Gundam. Nothing around us like it, bringing Japan and all things gunpla stateside was the plan. The plan was set in motion and in all confidential mode I wanted to keep it a secret from the community. I wanted them to be as excited about the store as I was bringing it to them.

Outside entrance preview while we painted the inside

Once they moved out, we began the process of repainting the store from a dark purple to a white color that it became. Painting over that dark purple was a long and tedious job as it took many, many gallons of paint to cover all those walls. Once finished vinyl was supposed to wrap the store to give it a fun atmosphere of maybe being inside a ship. That didn’t make it before we opened and was attempted once opened, but was hard to do with everything now in the way. Then mall rumors floated around that the mall might not have long before it closes and so the vinyl got shelved as we were thinking it might be a waste of time.

The vinyl would’ve wrapped the whole store layout

Gundam Pros opened on Dec. 6th, 2018 and closed February 23rd, 2020 (New owner didn’t want the mall so he closed it) and website finally launched on April 26th, 2020.

Gundam Pros Entrance